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Radiate Without Danger

April 16, 1993|ROSE APODACA

Summer's near and so is the temptation to worship the sun. But fried skin, premature wrinkles and melanoma hardly make a healthy fashion statement. So cosmetic makers such as Elizabeth Arden offer bronzing powders great for any skin tone. EA's Sunshine Bronzing Powder ($25) "gives skin a nice glow with an ultra-fine sheen," says spokeswoman Susan Arnot Heaney. "Every grain of powder is encapsulated in natural flower extracts so it won't fade or streak."

Quirky Birkies

Birkenstock, the ultimate earth shoe, has brightened up with spearmint, cool pop blue and sugarplum. Compared to the popular, drab Arizona model, the colorful Sydney style ($70) features narrower straps and is made of nubuck, which is easier to maintain. Who's slipping them on? Mostly 25- to 40-year-olds, says Cristi Hatfield, manager of Ron's Birkenstock Natural Footwear in Fullerton. The store boasts the biggest selection in the county. "Most teen-agers buy what everyone else wears, and that's neutrals. But adults tend to want to be different, more original."

Brief Mention

For the '90s executive, Coach introduces the new Express Brief ($470). "This is a terrific example of the new, relaxed approach to personal style for senior executives," says spokeswoman Jill Golden. Made of a lightweight leather that's durable and weather-resistant, the legal-sized bag has organizational compartments to store just about everything.

Know Your Source

Beware of claims of all-natural, environmentally aware skin care products. Ask: Are there any artificial or animal-based ingredients? Is packaging at a minimum and recyclable? Does the labeling educate and inform the consumer? As a green brand with integrity, Origins stands far apart from its parent, Estee Lauder. The 3-year-old line, which opens its third store Monday in South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, (the others are in Boston and Soho), sells more than what's at its department store counters. "We take a holistic approach to beauty," a spokeswoman says. Indeed, that includes selling items from moisturizer to hip P.C. backpacks.

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