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SOUTH : Five Liquor Outlets Get OK to Rebuild

April 18, 1993|ELSTON CARR

The Planning Commission has approved the rebuilding of five riot-damaged liquor outlets but imposed restrictions including shorter operating hours, increased street lighting and the hiring of state-licensed security guards.

The commission also required business owners to remove graffiti from their stores, to promptly remove trash from the surrounding area, to not sell single plastic cups sometimes used for drinking on or near the premises, and to post signs discouraging loitering and alcohol sales to minors.

The restrictions were imposed on all five stores.

Silvia Castillo, co-chair of the Community Coalition for the Alcohol Abuse Prevention and Treatment, said the restrictions will help decrease crime near liquor stores.

"This is a good move that will improve the quality of life of the surrounding area and protect merchants and customers," she said.

The establishments approved for rebuilding are:

* Wenger's Liquor, 4225 S. San Pedro St. The site will include a mini-market and a self-serve laundry.

* Hun's Market, 6601 S. Main St. Approved for beer and wine sales.

* The Good Food Store, 12003 S. Avalon Blvd. Approved for the sale of beer, wine and liquor.

* An unnamed store at 5843 S. Western Ave. Approved for the sale of beer, wine and liquor.

* Crenshaw Market, 6224 Crenshaw Blvd. Approved for the sale of beer, wine and liquor.

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