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KOREATOWN : Information-Relay Network Established

April 18, 1993

Several Korean-American organizations have set up a system for exchanging and disseminating information in the event of civil unrest or other disasters.

The information-relay network, established by member organizations of the Korean American Inter-Agency Council and Asian Pacific Americans for a New L.A., will facilitate information-sharing and help to dispel or verify rumors, said Robert Park, vice president of the Korean American Coalition.

Each organization will provide Korean-language information and non-emergency referrals to callers. Incident reports will be relayed to the Korean American Coalition, which will serve as a central clearinghouse.

Police and fire emergencies should be reported directly by calling 911, Park said.

Some of the organizations:

* Korean American Coalition, (213) 380-6175;

* Korean Health Education Information and Referral Center, (213) 732-5648;

* Korean Immigrant Workers Advocates, (213) 739-9050;

* Koryo Health Foundation, (213) 380-8833;

* Korean American Food and Shelter Service, (213) 464-4949;

* Asian Pacific Americans for a New L.A., (213) 746-7705.

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