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Taxation Policies and Park Closures

April 18, 1993

It is heinous to hear that Los Angeles County will close down 25 valley parks.

We pay taxes for basic services like police, fire, parks, libraries, flood control and street-sewer maintenance. Our government spends our tax money intended for basic services in endless other non-funded and mandated programs.

When budget cuts are needed, our most essential services for which we pay taxes go first. The extras are not removed under the guise of statutory mandates. This is taxation without representation.

If our government is burdened by non-funded and mandated programs, it can take the state and federal government to court to obtain relief. Without an allocation of money, no program can be implemented locally.

Our condescending elected officeholders do not see it in this way. What we have now is mandatory wealth redistribution under the guise (of) many mandated programs, conveniently set up by state and federal statutes to take the heat off the local politicians.

When have they shrugged their shoulders and said to the other governmental agencies: "The till is empty!"? They merely collect their perks and fat paychecks, leaving the taxpayers without money or basic services.


La Puente

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