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Endorsements in Los Angeles City Races

April 18, 1993

The Times policy is to endorse selectively, on a case-by-case basis. Only those few political races in which this newspaper is endorsing in Tuesday's election are listed below. CONTROLLER: Rick Tuttle

A hard-working, high-performing official with the delightful proclivity for caring deeply whether tax money is spent well. Deserves reelection.


District 2: Victoria Castro

Castro is the principal of Belvedere Middle School. She believes that schools should be more directly accountable to parents. She opposes the breakup of the district and supports the LEARN reforms.

District 4: Mark Slavkin

Incumbent Slavkin is a dedicated and smart board member. He too supports the LEARN reforms, although he thinks they don't go far enough.

District 6: Eli Brent

Brent is on leave as principal of Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies. He would bring a nuanced approach to supporting LEARN and giving it an unobstructed run at reform.


Office No. 2: Elizabeth Garfield

She offers doable proposals, such as a bond measure for capital improvements, and a pragmatic attitude toward partnerships with business.

Office No. 4: Lindsay Conner

His 12-year tenure has earned him respect as a diligent trustee who has not used his post merely as a steppingstone to higher office.

Office No. 6: Althea Baker

The incumbent, first elected in 1989, deserves a second term on the board, having contributed to the district's peaceful relations with labor.


Proposition 1 (More Police): Yes

Would impose a special property tax to finance the hiring of 1,000 police officers, which would increase the LAPD to 8,900 officers.

Charter Amendment 2 (Term Limits): Yes

Would limit the mayor, city attorney, city controller and City Council members to two four-year terms, starting this year.

Charter Amendment 3 (Rehiring Retired Police): Yes

Would allow the city to rehire on a temporary basis recently retired police officers, who would not lose pension benefits.

Charter Amendment 4 (Term Limits): No

Would limit the mayor, city attorney, city controller and City Council members to two four-year terms, except for incumbents not up for reelection this year, who would be limited to one more term.

Charter Amendment 5 (Animal Regulation Panel): No Would transfer control of the Department of Animal Regulation to a part-time commission. The change is unnecessary and it would add to the problem of gridlock in Los Angeles city government.

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