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April 22, 1993

Going Bananas, Going Crackers

Banana crackers? Well, why not? Nabisco's low-fat, low-sodium Orchard Crisps come (so far) in banana-walnut and apple-cinnamon flavors.

Market Puts Money Where Your Mouth Is

Ralphs claims its new line of California Beef, from a special breed of grain-fed cattle, is more tender and flavorful than traditional beef, and the company is actually offering a double money-back guarantee. If you want to try California Beef, it's available in Southern California Ralphs Markets (except in San Diego County).

Say, This Mice Wine's Great!

Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum in Buena Park exhibits a bottle of Tianshiyaichew Chinese Fetal Field Mice Wine, sold by Chinese pharmacists as a digestive aid and as a rubbing ointment. We've got the ad campaign already worked out: "It's a digestive aid!" "No, it's a rubbing ointment!" "You're both wrong!"

Say, This Pulse Power's Even Better Than Mice Wine!

Foodco Corp., partly owned by Kraft General Foods and a Swedish company, is experimenting with high energy bursts of electricity (pulse power) to kill bacteria; for instance, to pasteurize liquids without heating them. The same technology's potential is also being explored for--no kidding--reducing diesel engine exhaust, treating cancer, powering electric vehicles and spot welding.

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