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They'll Act Around the Clock

April 22, 1993|ANNE KLARNER

The International Thespian Society chapter at Crescenta Valley High School wants a good college, or two, to take their seniors, please. They will even throw in some of the money they earn from their campus Dramathon on Saturday.

Not all of it, though. They are planning to save some of the proceeds--300 pounds Sterling--to help buy flagstone to pave the reproduction of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre that is being built in London. But most of the cash from the 12-hour marathon will be used for scholarships.

The thespians gave small scholarships to two of their members at last year's awards banquet, but "we decided last summer that we would like to give more money," said drama teacher and club adviser Laura Garrett. "How many scholarships and how much will depend on how much we make."

They will do it by putting on skits, scenes and one-act plays.

"About 75% of it is student written," said Garrett, with additional scenes from early "Saturday Night Live" Weekend Updates and As the Stomach Turns from the old "Carol Burnett Show" that Garrett bought through a high school theater catalogue.

Basically, it is a pretty cheap way to raise bucks. The students are using sets, props and costumes that they already have, and royalties on the old TV scripts are minimal.

It will be a long day for the young actors and stage crew.

"We're going to be sitting (backstage) with our microwave and a bed for 14 hours," said student crew member Derrick Bennett.

The Dramathon is from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. in the MacDonald Auditorium on campus, 4400 Ramsdell Ave., La Crescenta. Five dollars buys an all-day pass. Students will be selling baked goods and sodas during the event.

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