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Cerritos : Final Passage Expected on Anti-Graffiti, Sign Laws

April 22, 1993

Following the lead of several Southeast-area cities, the Cerritos City Council is expected tonight to adopt a law making it illegal for anyone 18 or younger to carry aerosol paint cans and other graffiti paraphernalia in public.

Minors would have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to have such items on streets, alleys or in cars. Under the law, it would be illegal for store owners to sell wide-tip markers and other graffiti tools to minors unless they are accompanied by an adult or can prove that they are involved in a school project. Merchants would have to keep such merchandise locked up.

Adults or minors who violate the law would face misdemeanor charges, with a maximum $500 fine and six months in jail.

Earlier this month, the Norwalk City Council enacted a law that makes it illegal for minors to possess graffiti paraphernalia in public. The Whittier City Council has tentatively approved a similar measure.

Also tonight, the Cerritos City Council is expected to give final approval to regulations for signs. Businesses may erect temporary signs for five 14-day periods a year under the new limits. Automobile dealers will be allowed three additional promotional periods. Previously, temporary signs were allowed only for grand openings.

Signs at regional centers, including Cerritos Auto Square, Los Cerritos Center and Cerritos Towne Center, will be limited to 50 feet. They may include electronic message displays.

The sign measure and the anti-graffiti law were tentatively approved April 7. Each is scheduled to take effect in 30 days.

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