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HIGH LIFE: A WEEKLY FORUM FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS : Being True to School and Outside Interests

April 22, 1993

Students know that the grass is always greener on the other side of campus--and that the corridors are lined with gold at that certain special high school at the other end of the county. High Life wonders: "If you could attend any other high school in Orange County, which would it be and why?"

"Huntington Beach High School, because it is the only school around that does not look like a prison."

Brooke Weaver, 17,

junior, Edison

"Troy, because of their water polo team."

Holly Case, 17,

junior, El Dorado

"Santa Ana Valley, because they have cute Samoans."

Gloria Lombo, 17,

senior, Mater Dei

"It would be where there is more action and more crazy people. I wouldn't care which school it was."

Letty Diaz, 18,

senior, San Clemente

"There is no other school I'd rather be a part of. This high school has a wonderful program academically and socially. The teachers are fair and the work is reasonable."

Romit Shah, 17,

senior, Trabuco Hills

"I would stay at this school, because I know lots of people here, and my true friends go here. I know where everything is here."

Cindee Parea, 15,

freshman, San Clemente

"Orange County High School of the Arts. I want to focus more on my music and poetry. I feel there is so much more than memorizing things for tests that you'll forget within hours."

Toby Hoff, 17,

junior, Trabuco Hills

"Laguna Beach, because it has a bigger population, yet it's not overcrowded. However, I'm where I am because, even though it may be a little small, the strong academic program makes up for it."

Shannon Carroll, 18,

senior, St. Margaret's Episcopal

"Troy High School, because of the Troy Tech program, where I could get hands-on experience with electronics."

Andy Scheffler, 16,

junior, Brea Olinda

"I wouldn't go to any other school in Orange County. I like Uni, because people are friendly to one another, socially and academically."

Polly Levenzon, 17,

senior, University

"Woodbridge, because there is more funding for programs at the school, and there seems to be a more studious atmosphere."

Michelle Qaqundah, 18,

senior, Mater Dei

"10th Street Private School in Newport Beach. The reason is because it is on the beach. At lunch, some people go body surfing!"

Buzz Marcovici, 16,

sophomore, Edison

"Canyon High, because my friend there is kinda flaky, and I'd like to go beat him up!"

Andrea Chanawatr, 16,

sophomore, Brea Olinda

"Irvine, because they have money."

Sujata Ramani, 15,

sophomore, Edison

"Los Alamitos, because they have a good fine arts department with (Orange County High School of the Arts)."

John Pang, 18,

senior, Huntington Beach

"I'm happy at the school I'm at right now, because of its (small) size. So, if I were to look to another school, it would have to be approximately the same size."

Ryan Newman, 16,

junior, St. Margaret's Episcopal

"I would still go to Huntington Beach High School, because two of my uncles went here, and I like the experiences they had."

Shannon DiLisi, 18,

senior, Huntington Beach

"El Dorado, because our women's athletics program keeps getting stronger!"

Jody Caruso, 18,

senior, El Dorado

"Santa Margarita or Capo Valley, because there is a lot of money in South County and the girls are better-looking."

Chris Kern, 17,

senior, Mater Dei

"Actually, there isn't a school in Orange County that I would rather attend than Uni. I suppose it's because our school has a good reputation, academically. And the people here are really friendly and easy to get along with."

Helen Gardener, 16,

junior, University

"Servite. Since it's an all-boys' school, I'd have no competition."

Jessica Stoddard, 16,

sophomore, Brea Olinda

"There is no other high school in the world that could possibly replace the home I belong to. Besides being a place of education, it provides security."

Charles Malki, 16,

junior, Trabuco Hills

"Fullerton High School, because I think I could help somehow in the problems that are going on. Plus, I have friends there."

Isela Garcia, 16,

junior, Brea Olinda

Next Week's Hot Topic:

What qualities make your favorite teacher so special?

Responses were gathered by Brooke Lyons (St. Margaret's Episcopal), Caroline Lynch (Mater Dei), Mandi Hernandez (San Clemente), Michele Hainley (Trabuco Hills), Morgan Howard (Huntington Beach), Sunshine Arena (El Dorado), Eileen Hsu (University), Hallie Kim (Brea Olinda) and David Brinkman (Edison).

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