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ORANGE : Recycling Efforts Bring City Award

April 23, 1993|HELAINE OLEN

Pam Propst didn't think it was such a big deal when she took over the task of teaching the city's building inspectors the ins and outs of recycling.

"I didn't know anyone was watching me," said Propst, a clerk in the city's Community Development Department. "I didn't think I was doing anything special. We just have so much excess paper here."

But co-workers, who repeatedly overheard Propst preach about the city's recycling program and observed how she re-sorted the contents of the recycling bins herself, differed with her modest self-assessment and secretly nominated her for a city recycling award.

For her efforts, Propst was honored Tuesday as Recycler of the Year, 1992 by the City Council, winning the title over more than 20 other nominees.

"I kept hearing complaints about the recycling bins being contaminated by (the building inspectors)," said Nancy Gee, the city's recycling coordinator. "(Propst) single-handedly turned that around through gentle nagging and setting a good example herself.

"The building inspectors were the bad boys and girls of the recycling program. Pam independently took them in hand."

Propst, a city employee for more than four years, said she plans to continue monitoring the recycling effort at City Hall.

"I just got this really nice plaque," Propst said. "I really can't slip up now."

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