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Baggy Clothes Loom Large and Go Over Big With Teens


When it comes to teen clothes today, bigger is definitely better. Since hip-hop music hit the streets, a new kind of look has emerged on the teen clothes scene. Tailored, tight clothing is out. In are really big, baggy clothes.

With brand names like Swank, Dog Pile and Grime, this street-style, almost industrial-looking clothing can be found on just about every high school campus, says Kyrie Pagalidis, owner of Hard Times in Orange.

"I've been really busy for the last year and a half selling baggy clothes," says Steve Wagoner, owner of Rack N' Ruin in Lake Forest. "The majority of my customers are teens, who are always looking for something different."

While the baggy look started out as a guy thing, girls soon became interested, says Melinda Montanez, store manager of Miller's Outpost in Buena Park. Not only are there girl's baggy clothes lines, many young women like to wear boy's clothes. In the coming year, the predictions are for even bigger and baggier styles, especially for guys.

The following offers a selection of stores that carry baggy teen clothes. All sizes listed are oversized.


This store has a wide variety of baggy clothes, including 1,000 T-shirts to choose from, says owner Joey Liebke.

In guy's pants, they carry Euro Funk baggy bull denim jeans which have navy blue stripes that have a yellow cast. "These pants have a '70s feel to them," says Liebke. They come in a variety of stripes and solid colors. Choose from large to extra, extra large ($53).

Match these pants with a Swank 100% cotton burgundy T-shirt that has a picture of people dancing on the front ($17, extra large to extra, extra large).

For girls, they carry Split Jeans pants that are made of heavy bull denim. These are burgundy with a contrasting white stitching. They give a reversed look with two back pockets in front and two front pockets in back ($49, Sizes 28-40).

In tops for girls, they have a 187 brand bodysuit made of black Lycra. It comes in sizes small through large ($28). Accent this top with a Stoopid all velvet burgundy baseball cap that has a black bill ($21).

1759 Newport Blvd., Costa Mesa, (714) 631-EDGE.


At this store you'll find guy's Gypsys and Thieves brand zippered pants made by Louis Puligo. They are dark brown denim with light brown vertical stripes ($60, Sizes 30-38).

Pair the pants with a Gypsys and Thieves twill shirt. This is burgundy with a brown collar, sleeves and chest pocket. It is short-sleeved and there are three big buttons down the front ($56, large to extra, extra large).

In girl's clothes, you'll find loose-fitting Mantrap denim baggy shorts made by Heathyr Lawrence. These are blue with contrasting pink stitching. They have two big heart pockets on the back and two pockets on the front ($40, one size fits all).

Wear the pants with a Heathyr Lawrence Mantrap short-sleeved collared shirt. This pink and white-striped top is 100% cotton and has a three-quarter zipper down the front. The left breast pocket is embroidered with the logo "Mantrap." The shirt comes in small to extra large ($35).

410 Main St., Huntington Beach, (714) 536-0784.


For guys, this store carries 100% cotton Gigantor shorts made by Soul. These long shorts go past the knee. They come in black with yellow stitching, as well as a variety of other colors, including blue, brown and denim ($48, Sizes 46-48).

You'll also find a guy's zip-up work jacket made by Dog Pile that is green, black and white plaid. There are two pockets on the bottom of this long-sleeved, lightweight 100% cotton jacket ($60, large and extra large).

In girl's wear, there is Big Yank overalls made of light blue pre-washed denim. These have two pockets in front and two in back ($24, small through extra large).

There is also a girl's baggy T-shirt by Swank. This short-sleeved top is black with a picture on the front of a man blow-drying his hair. It is 100% cotton and comes in several colors, including yellow, green, black and purple ($17, extra large to extra, extra large).

459 North Tustin Ave., Orange, (714) 538-0332.


For guys, these stores have Maneuvers knee-length baggy shorts. The 100% brushed cotton shorts have a zipper. There are two pockets in back and three in front. The shorts come in a variety of colors, including royal blue, green, navy blue, gold, orange and black ($25, Sizes 28-40).

In guy's tops, there is an Extreme Control oversized long T-shirt. This is royal blue with orange, black and white stripes. It is 100% cotton and has short sleeves and a hood ($25, small through extra large).

For girls, there is Code O baggy jeans made of 100% brushed cotton. These zippered jeans have two pockets in the back and three in front. They come in a variety of colors including red, orange, purple, forest green, bright green, yellow and royal blue ($35, Sizes 28 to 40).

Hold the pants up with a thick, black bonded (braided) belt that has a big silver buckle ($12).

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