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Wieder Is a Leader for All Interests

April 25, 1993

In today's environment of dividing politicians into those who "get it" and those who don't, Supervisor (Harriett M.) Wieder, by her actions, has shown decisive leadership in addressing the No. 1 public issue in the county--jobs and the economy, contrary to what was alluded to in the article, "Group Launches Drive to Recall Wieder" (April 8).

As the visionary behind Partnership 2010, the coalition of business, government and education working to develop and implement a plan for the county's economic growth, Wieder has shown a willingness to embrace new paradigms of leadership and governance, unprecedented in Orange County, which pull expertise and involvement from the private sector to address critical public policy issues. Further, one of her first actions as chairman of the Board of Supervisors was to form a Small Business Committee to identify needs and propose solutions facing what has been and will continue to be the most dynamic job-producing segment of our local economy.

Wieder has tried more than most other elected officials to take a proactive approach to meeting with industry leaders and understanding the issues hampering economic vitality in the county, while balancing her actions with a sensitive concern regarding the environment, infrastructure and quality of life issues. The AQMD actions alluded to in the article are misleading. Wieder co-chairs the Commission on Environment and the Economy, which was developed to help small business in our region.

Supervisor Wieder may be opinionated. She may be outspoken. But one thing she's not is an embarrassment except, perhaps, to those who deserve to be embarrassed due to their lack of independent thinking or inaction. Old models simply do not work any longer. The new model must be "lead, follow or get out of the way." Wieder is a leader. We need more people like her in Orange County.





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