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Garden Grove Volunteers Inspire Pride

April 25, 1993

I have enjoyed living in Garden Grove for the last 44 years, but today (April 17) I am particularly proud of the people we have in our city.

Our state government has been wasting so much of its revenue that it has resorted to grabbing onto some of the funds of local government.

The results are that cities such as Garden Grove cannot afford to keep the city looking as nice as we would like.

When the Garden Grove citizens became aware of the situation, they provided a solution.

This morning, about 200 Garden Grove citizens showed up to volunteer their time to cover graffiti and clean our parks.

Most of these fine citizens go to school or work all week, and they donated their free time to improve the appearance of our city. A few of the more elderly volunteers did the dispatching and all seemed eager to help.

Some businesses joined in the volunteering by donating snacks and other things for the volunteers.

I understand that other Orange County cities are getting involved in similar volunteer programs, but I doubt if they get the enthusiastic turnout that Garden Grove did.

The volunteers came in all ages, colors, ethnic backgrounds, religions, races, economic levels and sexes, but they came because they want to be proud of our city and I am proud of them.



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