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Mock Draft

April 25, 1993

The era of free agency made for an active off-season in the NFL. Staff writer T.J. Simers takes a look at the teams' key acquisitions and their prospects heading into today's draft.

NO. & TEAM: 1. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS TOP ACQUISITION: Leon Seals, Defensive Tackle COMMENT: Patriots get DE Aaron Smith, QB Scott Secules, OG Steve Trapilo, DE John Washington. A who's who of who? PROBABLE PICK: Drew Bledsoe, QB, Wash. St. COMMENT: Parcells needs QB, but is he going to deal topspot to Garrison Hearst suitors?

NO. & TEAM: 2. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS TOP ACQUISITION: Kelvin Martin, Wide Receiver COMMENT: TE Ferrell Edmunds and Martin add skill to receiving corps. Tom Flores, however, is still team's best QB. PROBABLE PICK: Rick Mirer, QB, Notre Dame COMMENT: A no-brainer, even though Seattle hasn't shown smarts in past (Kelly Stouffer, Dan McGwire) when picking QBs.

NO. & TEAM: 3. NEW YORK JETS TOP ACQUISITION: Eric Thomas, Cornerback COMMENT: SS Ronnie Lott, QB Boomer Esiason, DE Leonard Marshall are eligible for social security soon. PROBABLE PICK: Marvin Jones, LB, Florida State COMMENT: Jets pass on best offensive player (RB Garrison Hearst) to grab best defender. How many TDs will Jones score?

NO. & TEAM: 4. PHOENIX CARDINALS TOP ACQUISITION: Steve Beuerlein, Quarterback COMMENT: QB Timm Rosenbach gets brushoff. Beuerlein, WR Gary Clark add sizzle, but will Beuerlein have time to throw? PROBABLE PICK: Garrison Hearst, RB, Georgia COMMENT: Rams, Bucs, Colts all trying to jump ahead of Cardinals to draft Hearst.

NO. & TEAM: 5. CINCINNATI BENGALS TOP ACQUISITION: Sheldon White, Cornerback COMMENT: There were more than 300 free agents available when this process began. Bengals studied, signed White. PROBABLE PICK: John Copeland, DT, Alabama COMMENT: If 49ers trade up here, they take Eric Curry. Bengals take pass rusher over OT Willie Roaf.

NO. & TEAM: 6. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS TOP ACQUISITION: Hardy Nickerson, Linebacker COMMENT: Failed to steal QB Neil O'Donnell from Pittsburgh, but swiped Nickerson. Steelers don't appear upset. PROBABLE PICK: Eric Curry, DE, Alabama COMMENT: Sam Wyche is known to be wacky. It appears Buccaneers will play 1993 without a starting QB.

NO. & TEAM: 7. CHICAGO BEARS TOP ACQUISITION: Craig Heyward, Running Back COMMENT: Saints get Brad Muster, Bears get dining partner for William Perry. CB Tony Blaylock nice last-minute pickup. PROBABLE PICK: Dan Williams, DE, Toledo COMMENT: Richard Dent isn't happy, Steve McMichael is older than Harry Caray and Alonzo Spellman needs help.

NO. & TEAM: 8. DETROIT LIONS TOP ACQUISITION: Bill Fralic, Offensive Guard COMMENT: Barry Sanders gets Fralic, OG David Richards and OG David Lutz. Bid for LB Derrick Thomas fizzles. PROBABLE PICK: Willie Roaf, OT, Louisiana Tech COMMENT: Saints reportedly might trade LB Pat Swilling to Lions for this pick. Lions want Curry, would love Roaf.

NO. & TEAM: 9. ATLANTA FALCONS TOP ACQUISITION: Bobby Hebert, Quarterback COMMENT: Indecent proposal: How much to play for Jerry Glanville? DE Pierce Holt needs $7.5 million guaranteed. PROBABLE PICK: Lincoln Kennedy, OT, Washington COMMENT: Free agency took mighty bite out of line, so Falcons take guy who has tried to eat himself out of first round.

NO. & TEAM: 10. RAMS TOP ACQUISITION: Shane Conlan, Linebacker COMMENT: OT Irv Eatman, LB Henry Rolling, OG Leo Goeas help, but Gerald Perry, Kevin Greene, Joe Milinichik were better. PROBABLE PICK: Jerome Bettis, RB, Notre Dame COMMENT: They say Bettis has only one little problem--he fumbles. Holy Cleveland Gary, surely they jest.

NO. & TEAM: 11. CLEVELAND BROWNS TOP ACQUISITION: Mark Carrier, Wide Receiver COMMENT: Browns want QB Vinny Testaverde. Now, how do they keep Dawg Pound inmates from throwing at him? PROBABLE PICK: Tom Carter, CB, Notre Dame COMMENT: Cleveland might trade down, take LB Wayne Simmons and let someone else take Curtis Conway or Carter here.

NO. & TEAM: 12. RAIDERS TOP ACQUISITION: Jeff Hostetler, Quarterback COMMENT: Raiders get Kelly! Joe Kelly, the LB. You were thinking Jim Kelly? Raiders get Gaston Green, lose announcer Bill King. PROBABLE PICK: Patrick Bates, SS, Texas A&M COMMENT: One scout says whoever takes this guy in first round is making a mistake. The Raiders don't make mistakes.

NO. & TEAM: 13. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES TOP ACQUISITION: First-round pick COMMENT: Eagles lose DE Reggie White, get first-round payoff. Used-up TE Mark Bavaro replaces Keith Jackson. PROBABLE PICK: Brad Hopkins, OT, Illinois COMMENT: Eagles' line in a shambles and Randall Cunningham can't keep running away from trouble.

NO. & TEAM: 14. DENVER BRONCOS TOP ACQUISITION: Rod Bernstine, Running Back COMMENT: Operation "Save John Elway's Life:" Bernstine, OT Brian Habib and OT Don Maggs take heat off No. 7. PROBABLE PICK: Curtis Conway, WR, USC COMMENT: Conway might go higher--sixth or seventh slot. Denver or San Diego might move up to get him.

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