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So This Is the Message: Drink in Moderation

April 29, 1993|CHARLES PERRY

In Manipur state, India, patrols of women are going around destroying local moonshine stills. When they find drunken men, they tie them naked to donkeys and parade them through the villages. (. . . This may not have anything to do with that bit of news, but a chocolate liqueur made by the famous Belgian chocolate company Godiva will be on sale in California early in May.)

A Cup of Thai

Thanksgiving Coffee Co., which also sells decaf and half-caf coffees, offers a dark-roast coffee from Thailand with twice the usual caffeine. Pony Express blend is $7 for 14 ounces, plus shipping; (800) 648-6491.

Hash Hounds' Gazette

A diner is "a prefabricated structure with counter service, hauled out to its site," according to the definition in Roadside, a quarterly journal devoted to this American eating institution. For diner fanatics, the publication has photo essays on surviving diners, city-by-city diner guides, articles on how diners get moved, ads for diner-theme jewelry and much more. It's distributed free in diners in the Northeast, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri and Washington; elsewhere you can subscribe for $12 a year (or $6 with $10 purchase from any of its advertisers), from Coffee Cup Publications, 29 Hunt St., Watertown, Mass. 02172.

The Big Yogurt Tent

Haagen-Dazs introduces five new frozen yogurt flavors: Raspberry Rendezvous and Orange Tango, at 2% fat and 130 calories per serving "for consumers who are driven by health concerns," and Strawberry Cheesecake Craze, Praline Pandemonium and Brownie Nut Blast for frozen yogurt eaters who are not entirely driven by health concerns.

Kitty Vittles

Just published: "The Cat Lover's Cookbook" by Franki B. Papai (St. Martin's: 67 pp.; $6.95). Yes, if you actually want to cook for your cat, here are 85 vet-vetted recipes with detailed nutritional information and mucho data on the needs of pregnant and nursing cats, tomcats, kittens, elderly cats and cats on a reducing diet.

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