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Pasadena : Hospital Seeks to Cut Staff

April 29, 1993

For the first time, Huntington Memorial Hospital is offering employees a voluntary early retirement program as part of an ongoing effort to reduce its staff, a spokeswoman said Wednesday.

As a last resort, hospital officials will consider layoffs, said Peg Kean, director of public relations.

The hospital, with 2,400 full-time employees, is the largest employer in Pasadena. Huntington also is the biggest hospital in the San Gabriel Valley.

Hospital officials began plans to cut back the staff after statistics showed a 6% drop in the number of patients. As one response, the hospital started a hiring freeze in September.

The voluntary retirement program will be offered to full- or part-time employees, 55 or older, with at least 15 years of service.

The program will provide medical coverage and some severance pay, determined by length of service.

Hospital officials will re-evaluate the staff after June 30, the last day the program will be offered.

Kean said she does not anticipate a noticeable effect on services. Patients will not have to wait longer for appointments or delay surgery, she said.

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