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A Feast of Entertainment

April 29, 1993|ANNE KLARNER

Potluck often means a group dinner in a church hall, or school multipurpose room, where you take your chances with a host of enchilada casseroles and a bucket from the chicken place, not to mention the ubiquitous carrot-raisin salad.

Potluck at the Hard Times Cafe, Friday at St. Barnabas' Episcopal Church in Eagle Rock, means open-mike entertainment.

"It's drop-in," said John Culver, who started the monthly "coffeehouse" last summer. "We have no idea (who will be performing), unless we invite someone we know."

In the past they have had comics-in-training developing their material, bands or singers. The minister's wife will sometimes combine dance with sign language and perform a song.

Occasionally, the material has even gotten a little, shall we say, blue. Even though this is a church-sponsored nightspot, Culver said Episcopalians tend to be rather open about, you know, that risque sort of thing.

"Our bishop said he saw no limit as long as it wasn't a put-down," Culver said. "As long as the audience likes it. We've never had to really use our hook."

Culver emphasized that the coffeehouse is for the whole community. The bluer material does get pushed to later in the evening when the families have left, he said.

"I thought Eagle Rock could use a coffeehouse," Culver said. "We have some wonderful neighbors."

Kitchen snacks such as fruit plates and baked potatoes will be available, with sodas, hot chocolate, teas and lemonade. Oh, yeah, there will be coffee too.

Admission is $2, which includes coffee. The parish hall doors, 2109 Chickasaw Ave., open at 8 p.m., and the mike opens at 9:15.

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