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April 29, 1993

Nearly every student has a favorite teacher--one whose outlook, dedication, knowledge, humor or overall personality makes that class the highlight of the day.

High Life asks: "What qualities make your favorite teacher so special?"

'Knowing when to teach us, and when to be quiet and let us teach ourselves."

Diana Eitman, 18,

senior, Ocean View

"My favorite teacher likes to help us and wants us to improve. He takes time out just to help me."

David Cho, 15,

sophomore, Kennedy

"Being so generous and understanding of what I'm saying."

Daniel Estrella, 15,

freshman, Sonora

"He interacts with students and makes class exciting. It makes me feel that I'm not just a number."

David Gerber, 15,

junior, Fullerton

"The special concern she has for everyone."

Jennifer Jones, 17,

senior, Rosary

"My favorite teacher is special because I learn things in her class, unlike (in) some of my other classes."

Danny Tsai, 15,

junior, Kennedy

"My favorite teachers are the ones who uplift my good qualities, instead of point out my bad. I really liked my elementary teachers for always treating me as a friend, rather than a student. Also I like teachers with a fun sense of humor."

Jenna Olson, 15,

freshman, Valencia

"She can make the subject fun and interesting to learn. I have complete comprehension without studying for hours."

Kelly Beaulieu, 18,

senior, Rosary

"Understanding, because, if a teacher is not flexible, he/she comes off to the student as a dictator. However, if he listens to students' needs, the teacher will earn the student's respect, and the students will be more willing to listen to what the teacher has to say."

Jay Kramb, 16,

sophomore, Santa Margarita

"He challenges us every day with essay tests."

Anne Dutcher, 18,

senior, Fullerton

"The ability to understand the perils of a student's life and be helpful is the quality that I find best in my teachers."

Maggy Robino, 16,

junior, Santa Margarita

"She treats all the students the same."

James Sailhamer, 14,

freshman, Fullerton

"The fact that the teacher treats me like an adult and not a child."

Arienne LaBossiere, 17,

senior, Rosary

"The ability to make the class interesting and allow a student to feel comfortable. Teaching the class in a humorous way."

Mina Shiratori, 15,

sophomore, Villa Park

"She gives me love tips on the guy I like, and she acts more like a teen-age friend than a teacher."

Karla Cazares, 14,

freshman, Sonora

"When the teacher seems interested in your ideas or what you have to say and (talks) to you as individual as well as a group."

Nicole Ward, 15,

freshman, Ocean View

"My favorite teacher is special because he is a good listener, caring, fair in reasoning and has a good sense of humor."

Jennifer Wong, 15,

sophomore, Kennedy

"I like that my teacher has a great sense of humor. It keeps me interested."

Jenifer Karey, 16,

junior, Santa Margarita

"Whenever her students have a problem, she takes the time, no matter how long, to solve them. She has a tremendous amount of information on a lot of subjects."

Scott McCarthy, 16,

junior, Ocean View

"One who does not give homework on weekends, actually explains what we are doing in class, and doesn't treat us like kindergartners."

Jordan Peister, 16,

sophomore, Villa Park

"Teachers who teach, not just lecture, but explain and have the students participate. Teachers should make you believe your grade is your reward. I try my best in those classes, because they motivate me to do it."

Sarah Alam, 16,

sophomore, Valencia

"He's encouraging, kind, never loses his temper and is relaxed, yet he still manages to educate. He didn't just listen to what the students were saying but heard it."

Sarah Delfs, 16,

sophomore, Villa Park

"My preschool teacher was my favorite teacher, because she was the one who realized my full potential."

Ken Waineo, 17,

senior, Valencia

"My favorite teacher is humorous and a friendly individual."

Christa Stuenkel, 14,

freshman, Lutheran

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Responses were gathered by Brian Singer (Fullerton Union), Lara Lagos (Rosary), Abby Fung (Kennedy), Mary Alice Perez (Orange Lutheran), (Aimee Johnston (Sonora), Susanna Lee (Ocean View), Darice Liu (Villa Park), Tina Ghattas (Santa Margarita) and Analisa Castro (Valencia).

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