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PACOIMA : Caring Community Helps Class Earn Trip


Nikki Campbell knew well the disappointment felt by sixth-graders at Pacoima's Haddon Avenue Elementary School when a burglar stole the $2,250 they had saved for a class trip.

After memories came flooding back of the time her daughter's Campfire troop lost its candy sales profits to a thief, she decided to send the students a $25 check.

"I knew these little sixth-graders were like my Campfire girls," said Campbell, a retired social services worker and Canoga Park resident. "We don't want children who work hard to find that it can be snatched away by somebody."

Campbell is one of about 100 donors who gave contributions ranging from $1 to $1,000 after learning of the plight of the students, who sold candy and ice cream for months to pay for a trip to Universal Studios. Campbell and about a half-dozen other donors received special recognition at the school Wednesday.

Assistant Principal Nancy Oda said the contributions, combined with the students' continued efforts to raise money, netted $7,000.

The students not only have enough money to go to Universal Studios on May 7 and June 18, but they used some of the funds for a class trip to Sea World last week as well.

The donors included parents and community members, businesses, politicians, an onion farmer in Lancaster and former Haddon Avenue student who kicked in the highest contribution of $1,000. Each donor received a handwritten thank-you letter from the students.

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