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Price Savvy

From Denim to Silk, Men Can Relax When It Comes to Casual Shirts That Look Good, Too


When it's time to pull out the casual clothes for a little R & R, "Most men want a high-quality shirt that has a comfortable look and feel," says Mark Schell, owner of Mark Schell Design for Men in Corona del Mar.

It's important when shopping for a shirt to choose one that is made of quality material, says Thom Fuller, owner of Fuller's for Men and Women in Dana Point. "Good material will have bright, clear colors," he says.

There are a few trends today in men's casual shirts. "We've seen an increase in the rayon shirts available and a drop in the price of silk shirts," says Jim Cline, manager of Today's Man in Laguna Beach.

Also popular lately are denim shirts, says Janet Vaccaro, manager of A/X (Armani Exchange) in South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa.

Here is a sampling of stores that carry a variety of casual shirts perfect for downtime enjoyment:


An Armani Jeans 100% cotton navy and white plaid print shirt has long sleeves, a collar and seven cream-colored buttons down the front. Each breast has a button-through pocket and the left pocket has the "Armani J" logo in gold with black lettering ($88, extra small to extra large).

Another Armani Jeans 100% linen shirt is indigo-dye colored. It is long-sleeved and has a collar. There are eight cream-colored buttons down the front, four of which button underneath and don't show through. The shirt also has cream colored button-through pockets on each breast ($118, extra small through extra large).

A green and cream striped Armani Jeans 100% cotton shirt has seven buttons down the front. This long-sleeved shirt has two button-through pockets. On the left pocket there is the "Armani J" logo in gold with black lettering ($95, extra small through extra large).

South Coast Plaza, (714) 556-8842.


These stores carry an I.O.U. short-sleeved shirt made of 100% rayon. It is purple, green and orange-striped, including the collar. There are seven buttons down the front ($30, small through extra large).

Another I.O.U. short-sleeved collar shirt has buttons down the front. This 100% silk shirt comes in solid red, gold, white, blue or teal ($30, small through extra large).

An I.O.U. short-sleeved 100% cotton T-shirt is all blue with a small green stripe on the collar. This shirt also comes in purple, green, yellow, violet or black ($30, small through extra large).

Crystal Court, Costa Mesa, (714) 979-7018 and Westminster Mall, (714) 373-1687.


Here, you'll find a Barry Bricken 100% linen short-sleeved shirt with a collar. It has a license plate design in a number of bright colors, including orange, yellow, green, blue and black. There are seven buttons down the front of the shirt ($83, medium through extra large).

There is also a Thomas Brothers 100% cotton short-sleeved shirt. This has a picnic print featuring vegetables and condiments in a variety of colors, including white, blue, red, yellow and black. There are buttons down the front of the shirt and there is a pocket on the left breast ($43, medium through extra large).

The Nautica chambray short-sleeved shirt is blue with green, yellow, white and red stripes. It has white chalk buttons down the front ($57, medium through extra large).

23 Monarch Bay Plaza, Dana Point, (714) 661-2303.


This store's New River short-sleeved shirt is made of 100% cotton. It has vertical stripes of orange, navy, blue, green, white and wine. The collar is navy blue and the sleeves are also trimmed with blue. There are two buttons down the front in the chest area ($27, small through extra large).

The Hunting Horn short-sleeved shirt is 100% cotton. The collar on this all-yellow shirt is blue and white striped. The three-button chest area has the same stripes on the inside, which can be seen when the shirt is unbuttoned and flipped open. This top comes in other colors, including orange, black, blue or cream ($23, small through extra large).

There is also a New River 100% cotton polo-style shirt. This is short-sleeved with three buttons at the throat. There is a navy blue collar and the rest of the shirt is covered with a print design of people golfing, golf clubs and golf balls in rust, gold, black and white ($27, small through extra large).

MainPlace/Santa Ana, (714) 836-4333.


This store carries a wide variety of store brand merchandise, including a Mark Schell 100% cotton knit polo-style shirt. This has a black and ivory smiling fish pattern and a black collar ($50-$60, small to extra large).

There is also a long-sleeved, oversize shirt made of 45% cotton and 55% ramie, which is like linen but has a softer feel, says Schell. This shirt buttons all the way down the front. It comes in teal blue, soft pebble blue, yellow, ivory or tan ($50-$60, small through extra large).

Another Mark Schell shirt has a "tropical but elegant look," says Schell.

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