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Torrance Police Officer Lauded for Dedication

May 09, 1993

Open Letter to Joseph De Ladurantey

Chief of Police, Torrance Police Department

Re: Officer Don Sherwood, Community Lead Officer

On behalf of the residents of Pacific Lane in Old Town Torrance, I would like to commend Don Sherwood, community lead officer for the Torrance Police Department, for his sincere dedication to serve and protect our community.

Before I go into specifics about Officer Sherwood, I would like to tell you a little bit about our neighborhood. Pacific Lane is home to 10 families with small children, and senior citizens with their cats and dogs. Our street traffic direction is one way with a width of an alley. Our small two- bedroom homes' front yards are no more than 8 to 10 feet before they fall into the street pavement, and there is a few feet in between each home.

The benefits of living in a small neighborhood is that many of the neighbors look out for one another. We buy groceries for those with no means of transportation, help supervise the play area for the children, feed the neighbors' cats and dogs when on vacation, even remind each other when it is the day to recycle. We care for one another . . . and we care about our neighborhood.

Officer Sherwood also cares about our neighborhood. Over the past few years a transient element has penetrated the fringes of our small neighborhood, bringing with them drug dealing, graffiti, and the gang element. Like an undetected cancer growth, the crime has taken on a life of its own and threatens the health of our neighborhood. As a result of this problem, we have alerted the Torrance Police Department and requested them to investigate this alleged illegal drug-dealing activity and to have it removed from our neighborhood.

Officer Sherwood continues to respond to our complaints without putting those of us who tip the police in danger. He promptly returns our calls and investigates the complaints, makes arrangements to monitor and surveillance our street and back alley on a routine basis . . . enforces, protects and serves us.

We rely strongly on Officer Sherwood's intervention and request that he is supported in his efforts to rid our neighborhood of drug dealing.

We, the residents of Pacific Lane, are in gratitude to the Torrance Police Department and the City of Torrance for the fine officers it trains and supports. Officer Don Sherwood represents the best of the police force . . . and continues to be our strong arm of support in the face of crime.


Resident of Pacific Lane


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