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L.A. SPEAK : Life in the bus lane and riding the rail: Mass-transit talk.

May 09, 1993|Jeanne Wright

b.o. adj. bad order, said of a bus with a defect. "I've got a b.o. bus today, the one with no heater."

crummy n . the caboose.

deadheading v. driving a bus or train that is not in passenger service, usually to return a bus to the terminal after its last stop.

drag the line v. when a bus or train is running behind schedule because of poor timing by the driver.

hoghead n . a locomotive engineer. Also: hogger.

kiss 'n' ride n . a bus stop or train terminal where commuters are dropped off by spouses or others. "Next stop, the Willow Avenue kiss 'n' ride. "

owl n. a driving shift that ends after 2 a.m. "He's working the owl tonight."

piglet n . a person learning to become an engineer.

ride the cushions v. when a driver takes the bus. "I'm going to ride the cushions to work today."

running hot v. running ahead of schedule. "I have to slow down because I'm running hot. "

winning the lottery v. when a driver is selected for a random drug test.

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