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Escondido Canyon Homeowners: Racists or Realists?

May 16, 1993

The Winding Way/DeButts Terrace Property Owners Assn. is shocked to read in the Los Angeles Times that we are "flat-out racist." This is an out-and-out lie and such an untruthful remark should have to be substantiated by the Santa Monica Conservancy.

The meeting was taped and no one from Winding Way made any remark that could be so construed.

We are totally insulted that this has been presented to the public when we have only spoken about liability and security and access concerns.

Our road is narrow and has many blind curves and the last quarter of a mile is so narrow that it is not passable. This could be a very life-threatening situation for fire or police vehicles and unthinkable for a school bus. Every year parts of the road wash out at the end where the park starts.

The safety of the public as well as the residents has not been addressed. The legal access over private land has not been addressed. The liability maintenance issues have not even been addressed.

It is apparent that Mr. Edmiston is trying to pit the public against our neighborhood by using inflammatory statements. He is treating us as his personal enemy, and we hope the conservancy board knows of his mistreatment of private citizens.

We hope our next meeting with the conservancy will answer some of our concerns.



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