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MEDIA : Investment Newsletter Will Tailor Its Advice Expressly for Women

May 20, 1993|Anne Michaud / Times staff writer

Do women need investment advice tailored just for them? The publishers of a newsletter that is making its debut at the end of this month apparently think so.

The Women's Investment Newsletter, based in Mission Viejo, will take on such topics as whether a wife is liable when her husband cheats on a joint tax return, Ponzi schemes aimed at women, and retirement planning.

Jan Kingaard, managing editor, said about 150 people have called for subscriptions, which are $60 a year for 12 issues. Investment newsletters usually charge closer to $300 or $400 annually.

"We figured that at $5 a month we could increase their investment," Kingaard said. "It was a guarantee we could keep."

She is a former editor and publisher for Hester Communications (now called Advanstar, a trade magazine house in Santa Ana. The publisher is Charlotte Walter, a local real estate broker and investor.

The newsletter has a board of nine editorial advisers, with a business owner, a manufacturer, financial planners and lawyers among them.

The newsletter is eight pages, Kingaard said, and her company is looking into recording it for sale on audiotape.

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