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State Shouldn't Take Landscaping Funds

May 27, 1993

We of the Calabasas Park Homeowner's Assn. make up the majority of the 2,600 families of landscape Assessment District 22, County of Los Angeles. The district's function is to maintain our common areas and provide water for it.

Upon learning that the state is considering taking $500,000 of the $1.5 million budget that funds the district, we were alarmed and incensed.

The district is of vital importance to our community because it provides irrigation for common areas and buffer zones that are essential to prevent fire devastation. It also provides vital maintenance for our lake which, without such control, will become polluted and a health hazard to all those thousands who live close by.

The lake is also a source of emergency water in the likely event of fire, which is a constant danger to us who are surrounded by mountains. This source of precious water is owned by our association but offered freely to our neighboring communities should they be threatened by mountain fire or any other emergency such as earthquake.

We understand the state's crisis, and we realize the necessity for state action. However, we are firm in our belief that crippling this essential service to our community is a serious and dangerous mistake.



Calabasas Park Homeowners Assn.

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