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Service Transfer Raises Concern

May 27, 1993

The April 29 article titled "Biancardi Quits Council . . . " has saddened me. We elect our fellow citizens to serve his or her constituents. However, I do not agree with Mr. Biancardi's position of transferring the fire and paramedics services to the county.

As a citizen of Covina since 1975, I am proud of the city I live in. I would like to maintain the amenities brought to us by the city forefathers, and it is my sincerest wish we do our best to improve upon the services and amenities given to us.

I have heard numerous times from the state elected officials that funding cuts will be first at the county, and then to the city levels. Hence, in view of dwindling state economy, it will be foolish to give away an important function to the county as they will be hit sooner and harder than the city.

I am for local control, as 'economies of scale' do not apply to the government and we want a definite say in an important city service such as fire and paramedics.

I would be remiss in not acknowledging the fine work done by our fire and paramedic personnel. I believe we should create a positive self-assuring environment for our city employees so that they eagerly look forward to working for the city rather than the county.

We need three votes to kill the transfer issue. It appears to me there are two votes opposing the transfer. I hope we get another vote from the two experienced council members and maintain our city services.

Once this service transfer is completed, it would be most difficult to return the services back to the city.



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