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May 27, 1993|ANNE KLARNER

It's Memorial Day weekend, and we could head out to the desert, adding to the crush of RVs hitting the road.

Maybe not.

We could relax at the in-laws' pool, listening to that story about Uncle Harry and the bear again.


The beach?

And face those crowds? Augh!

Ah. We could go to the San Dimas Canyon Nature Center for its annual Nature's Child fund-raiser. They'll have games, food, Indian dances, face painting, and we'll be able to make crafts, such as baskets and pottery.

Docent Kathleen Head said the center has all sorts of neat things to entice people to the event. Like their zoo. It's a

small one with two mule deer, an arctic fox, a red fox, a raccoon, a coyote, eight birds of prey, and five seed-eating birds.

The sea gulls are only seed-eaters on a technicality, because let's face it, they'll eat darned near anything. But the pheasant and the chukar mostly eat seeds. The chukar is a member of the partridge family.

There's a museum and a gift shop too.

Admission is free, but donations are requested to cover food and the cost of the crafts.

The center is at 1628 N. Sycamore Canyon Road. Hours for Nature's Child are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

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