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Lucci Loses Emmy for 14th Time : Television: She's beat out of best actress honors by 'Another World's' Linda Dano. CBS' 'Young and Restless' wins the best drama series award.

May 28, 1993|From The Associated Press

Directing, children's series: Ed Wiseman, Mark Mannucci, "Reading Rainbow," PBS.

Directing, children's special: Laszlo Pal, "Journey to Spirit Island," Disney.

Art direction/set decoration/scenic design: Victor DiNapoli, Bob Phillips, Mike Pantuso, Nat Mongioi, "Sesame Street," PBS; James Fenhagen, Laura Brock, "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?," PBS.

Art direction/set decoration/scenic design, drama series: Sy Tomashoff, Jack Forrestel, Jay Garvin, Elsa Zamparelli, Fred Cooper, "The Bold and the Beautiful," CBS.

Makeup: Arlette Greenfield, Angela Johnson, Craig Reardon, "Square One TV," PBS.

Makeup, drama series: Christine G. Lai, Donna Moss-Guilbeau, William R. Goodwin, "The Bold and the Beautiful," CBS.

Hairstyling: Andre Walker, "The Oprah Winfrey Show," syn.

Hairstyling, drama series: Angel DeAngelis, John Quaglia, Joyce Sica, Annette Bianco, "Another World," NBC.

Costume design: Bill Campbell, Doug Enderle, "The Walt Disney World Very Merry Christmas Parade," ABC.

Costume design, drama series: Sandra Bojin-Sedlik, "The Bold and the Beautiful," CBS; Greg York, "The Young and the Restless," CBS.

Graphics and title design: James Castle, Carol Johnsen, Bruce Bryant, Paula Conn, "As the World Turns," CBS.

Technical direction/electronic camera/video control: Ray Angona, Jose Arvizu, Cesar Cabreira, Wayne Getchell, Martin Wagner, Allen Latter, "The Price Is Right," CBS.

Technical direction/electronic camera/video control, drama series: Janice Lee Bendiksen, Ervin D. Hurd Jr., Tracy J. Lawrence, Thomas R. Luth, Sheldon Mooney, Joseph Vicens, Roberto Bosio, Scha Jani, "The Young and the Restless," CBS.

Multiple-camera editing: Mike Mabbott, Joe Pugliese, "The Oprah Winfrey Show," syn.

Multiple-camera editing, drama series: Brian D. Rosner, Thomas Bornkamp, Richard Sens Jr., "Guiding Light," CBS.

Single-camera editing: David Leveen, "ABC Afterschool Special: Shades of a Single Protein," ABC.

Music direction and composition: Steven Bramson, "Tiny Toon Adventures: The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain," Fox.

Music direction and composition, drama series: Dominic Messinger, Rick Rhodes, Jonathan Firstenberg, "Santa Barbara," NBC.

Original song: Kenny Loggins for "This Island Earth," from "This Island Earth," Disney.

Lighting direction: Robert A. Dickenson, John Morgan, "Knights and Warriors," syn.

Lighting direction, drama series: Lauri Moorman, "The Bold and the Beautiful," CBS.

Single-camera photography: Eli Adler, David Breashears, Don Briggs, Tony Clark, Lex Fletcher, "Great Wonders of the World: Wonders of Nature," Disney.

Sound mixing and sound effects, live and tape: Gary Silver, Lee Murphy, "Reading Rainbow," PBS.

Sound mixing and sound effects, drama series: Tommy Persson, Otto Svoboda, Harold (Lanky) Linstrot, Bob Marencovich, Donald D. Henderson, Maurice (Smokey) Westerfeld, David Golba, Howard Vinitsky, Manuel Moreno, "The Young and the Restless," CBS.

Sound editing, film: Paca Thomas, Ray Leonard, Marc Perlman, Melissa Gentry, "Back to the Future," CBS.

Sound mixing, film: Ray Leonard, Paca Thomas, "Back to the Future," CBS.

Lifetime achievement: Douglas Marland (awarded posthumously).

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