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Downey Theater Election Loss

May 30, 1993

What's wrong with this picture?

A group twisted and misrepresented the facts and used blatant scare tactics to drive a special election in the city of Downey on May 18 (Times, May 20). The cost of the special election was approximately $75,000 to the taxpayers.

Out of concern for the future of our city, a citizens group was formed, Downey MOVIES (Making Our Vision, Ideals and Energy Succeed). I am proud to be a member of MOVIES, a group committed to exposing the truth and stating the facts as they relate to the (George) Krikorian theater project.

Unfortunately, the Krikorian project was defeated in the special election and Krikorian will probably take his $9 million and go to a more business-friendly community. Their gain, our loss.

How many of the individuals against the theater project are involved in community affairs, our school system, YMCA, service organizations, etc.? MOVIES draws its supporters from a broad spectrum of interested citizens committed to the future of Downey. MOVIES cares about Downey. MOVIES attempted to involve the community by holding a family film festival, taking a booth at the Downey Business Faire, holding informational meetings in the community, arranging mailings to all registered households in Downey, participating in cable broadcasts and telephoning voters to remind them to vote.

What is the future of our city? I urge all citizens to become involved, attend City Council meetings, ask questions, seek information and, above all before signing a petition for anything, conduct your own review. Do not rely on the person circulating the petition for information pertaining to your future.

Finally, wouldn't it be terrific if all the time, money and energy spent in negativism could be channeled into a positive vein to help the city have a future unlimited and not a future limited?



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