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Letters to the Editor : Quotes Don't Represent Group

June 01, 1993

* The May 9 article on Ventura County Supervisor Vicky Howard included quotes attributed to Steve Frank which may have led some to conclude that the Simi Valley-Moorpark Republican Assembly (East County chapter of the California Republican Assembly) was in some way involved in an active effort to unseat the supervisor.

For the record, Vicky Howard has never been an official topic of discussion at any of our board of directors' meetings or general membership meetings. No individual member or officer of the Simi Valley-Moorpark Republican Assembly has been authorized to make any statements to the public regarding Mrs. Howard's performance as a county supervisor. Mr. Frank's statements, as quoted in the article, do not represent the official position of the Simi Valley-Moorpark Republican Assembly.



Simi Valley-Moorpark

Republican Assembly

Simi Valley

Reference in Story Called Inaccurate

* The May 9 article in The Times in regard to Supervisor Vicky Howard had an inaccurate reference.

It is true that I am concerned that Ms. Howard supports most, if not all, tax increases, fee increases, the formation of new "assessments" which could double property taxes in seven years, bringing all of the trash in Ventura County to Simi Valley, bringing hundreds of trash trucks through Moorpark, etc. But this has nothing to do with the Simi Valley-Moorpark Republican Assembly.

I had told your reporter about a small, private group that is looking for a candidate to run against Howard in 1994. It was the reporter who attached the Republican Assembly name to the group, and this is not accurate. The two groups have nothing to do with one another.


Simi Valley

Dismal Turnout Draws Criticism

* On May 12, "Operation Permanent Cease-Fire" was held at the Oxnard Community Center. It was presented to assist the community in stopping gang violence, graffiti, tagging, etc.

I was appalled at the dismal turnout and the obvious lack of interest from the citizens of Ventura County. Everyone seems to be concerned about gang violence, everyone seems to be concerned for their children's safety, nobody likes the sight of graffiti. Yet, most are unwilling to put themselves out for one evening to be informed about how to prevent this very serious problem.

I hope that the organizers of this most informative program will attempt to again give the citizens of Ventura County an opportunity to hear and see what I and approximately 60 other very concerned people heard and saw.



High School Board Deserves Blame

* Your report of May 13 contained valuable financial information from the state Department of Education, which showed that the Oxnard Union High School District has been taking money from adult education and is using it to pay for the K-12 programs.

While the board blames Sacramento for limiting the money it can charge adult education for support costs, the board has only itself to blame. If the board had not taken too much money in the first place, they would not be in financial trouble now.



Bureaucracy Needs Overhaul

* A committed, good employee is hard to find and worthy of reasonable pay. Having said this, consider the following:

* It is unconscionable to suggest that a pay raise is due anyone in government at this time due to our (the country's, county's and state's) financial condition.

* It is ridiculous to appoint expensive committees to research what is paid elsewhere. What can we afford to pay?

Don't the bureaucrats get the message? We are in a severe recession. It seems patently obvious that the swollen bureaucracy needs a total overhaul which will only happen when we, the people, wake up and smell the coffee.


Simi Valley

Critic of Police Is Misinformed

* Regarding John Jay's letter of May 19, "No Need To Hire Police": For the sake of argument on what the officers are actually doing on their patrol, does he think any of these traffic stops would be menial? The driver or passenger might have a gun, maybe they just did a drive-by shooting, maybe the car is stolen or the driver or a passenger is wanted for a crime or the driver is driving under the influence.

When a police officer pulls someone over for a traffic citation, any of these possibilities could come into play.

Law enforcement officers have a job that most of us wouldn't touch, but we are quick to criticize. They are the first people we call, but the last to give funding to. It's about time that we give these men and women the support and respect they deserve.

I suggest Mr. Jay take a ride-along with a police officer. It would be a real eye-opener for his preconceived notions on how they respond to calls. Then maybe he would realize that our law enforcement agencies need more officers and less criticism.



Copper Curtain Is an Atrocity

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