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David Gergen

June 03, 1993

In bringing David Gergen into the White House (May 29-30), President Clinton has made one of his best moves since taking office. Let's hope that the nonpartisan spirit of this move augers well for the prospect of getting beyond the partisan bickering and gridlock that still pervade Washington.

Let's also hope that this will enable the President and the media to refocus on substantive matters, like how we are realistically going to ensure sustainable economic development, find workable solutions to health care problems, reduce the federal budget deficit and maintain a strong leadership role in international affairs. Dealing constructively with these issues requires all of us to think more about our long-term needs and less about narrow, short-term desires. We cannot afford to be distracted by trivial sideshows ($200 haircuts) and bomb throwers (Ross Perot).


Long Beach

* Your editorial ("President Clinton's First Big Shake-Up," May 31) was completely off-track when it stated, "President Clinton is off to an extremely bumpy start, and he deserves a lot better." Why and in what way does he "deserve" better? He has been getting exactly what he deserves as a result of those he chose for important posts in his Administration, as well as his own presidential style and his basic character.

It is the people of this country who deserve better! The sooner President Clinton recognizes that in politics and governing elected leaders usually get what they deserve, the sooner this Administration might take responsibility for its actions, quit trying to blame others for its daily crises and get its act together. The buck stops on his desk!



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