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THOUSAND OAKS : Students Buy Old Glory for Their School

June 03, 1993|BRENDA DAY

Decked out in star-spangled hats and singing patriotic songs, two classes of Thousand Oaks kindergartners celebrated Flag Day early Wednesday by giving their school a flag that once flew over the nation's Capitol.

Rep. Anthony Beilenson (D-Woodland Hills) delivered Old Glory to the youngsters, who did chores at home to earn pennies and nickels toward its purchase. The children were cheered on at the ceremony by their older counterparts at Wildwood Elementary School.

"The most important thing in the world, when you live in a democracy like this, is to be a good citizen," Beilenson told the students before the flag was raised.

The students earned $10.48 to buy the flag while they studied the importance of citizenship and respect, kindergarten teacher Terryl Merrill said.

"We'll fly it with pride," Principal Linda Hensley told the assembly.

Kathy Moore, whose kindergarten son, Colt, participated in the assembly, said she first discussed with teachers the idea of having students work to buy a new flag after noticing that the school's former one was worn and tattered.

"I wanted the children to know our flag is important and something to be respected," Moore said.

During the assembly, the children stepped up to the microphone in pairs to recite flag facts they had learned in class.

Once the flag was hoisted by two Boy Scouts, the students recited the pledge of allegiance while squinting into the morning sunshine to get a look at the flag.

Asked what the flag meant to him, kindergartner Brian Fisher said: "It's about America. It's part of our people."

Anyone can buy a flag that has been flown over the U.S. Capitol by ordering one through a congressman's office.

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