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Bradbury : Hon Replies to Recall Notice

June 03, 1993

Bradbury Mayor Audrey Hon responded last week to a recall notice served by her constituents, promising to send a letter to all residents in her district "setting forth the real facts."

"I am confident that once all of the facts are before you, undistorted by political motivations, that the voters will agree that a recall election is inappropriate," she wrote.

Hon and Councilman Tom Melbourn were served with recall notices in the wake of allegations that former City Manager Aurora (Dolly) Vollaire used thousands of dollars in city money for luxury purchases.

The city treasurer, mayor and other City Council members should have noticed that city finances were awry, say residents who called for the recalls.

Hon had seven days to respond to the statement in 200 words or less.

"The reasons set forth in the Notice of Intention for a recall are either false or inaccurate," she wrote, adding that the 200-word limit does not allow her to respond adequately and promising to provide a detailed statement.

"I have served your district faithfully for seven years and in fairness would greatly appreciate your not signing the petition until you have read and considered my full response," her statement said.

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