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June 03, 1993

ZERO TOLERANCE: Young people are involved in plenty of drunk-driving incidents (above). Now there is a proposal to do something about it. . . . Saying, "You booze, you lose," some Valley teen-agers joined a group supporting legislation barring those under 21 from driving after drinking any alcoholic beverage (B6). A problem: Police oppose the measure and even the group Mothers Against Drunk Driving isn't sure about it.

3-2-1 . . . FILE!: A paperwork screw-up by Rocketdyne in Canoga Park will delay for two weeks the launch of the space shuttle Endeavor originally planned for today. NASA has to change a pump in a shuttle engine made by Rocketdyne because of problems in how the company documents NASA work (D1). . . . It's the second delayed shuttle launch this year because of Rocketdyne's record-keeping lapses.

MOM'S ALL HEART: You're tired of being a milquetoast? You think a tattoo would set off your new, colorful personality? Well, before committing to a crimson cobra on your arm, visit a tattoo parlor with the Around the Valley column (B5), learning your impaled hearts from your unmentionable locations. . . . Would you believe a mother and daughter sharing the experience?

FAMILY DRAMA: When a retired LAPD sergeant--legally blind and in bad health--was fatally burned in his Antelope Valley home, the fire was blamed on fireplace sparks. But police learned that the dying man told doctors that he feared his wife and son, suspecting they were having an affair. Upshot: The widow, 49, and her stepson, 31, were arrested on suspicion of murder. (B18).

NET WIN: Valley-area high schools demonstrated tennis strength by qualifying three teams for the Southern Section finals. Two claimed championships Wednesday (C10, C11). . . . A Burbank High doubles team won the Division III championship and Division IV went to Nordhoff of Ojai.

Under Age

Nearly 12% of drunk drivers in fatal or injury accidents were 20 or younger.

Ages of drunk drivers in fatal and injury accidents statewide in 1991: 0-20 yrs.: 11.8% 21-30 yrs.: 42.5% 31-40 yrs.: 25.2% 41+ yrs.: 25.2% Unknown: 3.0% Note: Numbers do not add up to 100% because of rounding.

Source: California Highway Patrol

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