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NEIGHBORS / SHORT TAKES : Actor, 8, Lands a Role on New Sitcom : Ventura boy joins the cast of 'Daddy Dearest' this fall; chef of the year honored; drag racer and his alcohol-fueled car win over the Japanese.


Davin Carey, 8, of Ventura is counting his blessings. The veteran of six years of acting has landed a spot on a Fox sitcom.

Davin appears opposite Don Rickles and Richard Lewis in "Daddy Dearest," a new sitcom slated to air this fall. Lewis plays a divorced psychologist. Rickles plays his irascible father, as well as Davin's grandfather. The series is tentatively scheduled to air Tuesdays at 8 p.m.

While emphasizing that Rickles is personally a very nice man, Davin said the comic's trademark ethnic humor often goes over his head.

"I think there were these Chinese people and they had a war against some allies, because in one scene this guy runs into a room and this Chinese person comes in behind him and says to Don Rickles, 'I'm sorry, but he ran right past me.' Don Rickles said, 'Yeah, and so did the allies.' "

His mother, Gayle Carey, explained to Davin the Japanese role in World War II.

Even though millions of kids would love to be in his sneakers, the young star is philosophical about his success.

"I know this is the chance of a lifetime, but when I grow up I want to be a CPA like my dad."


Executive chef Harry Brockwell is watching what he eats these days. Brockwell was honored last week as chef of the year by the local chapter of the American Federation of Chefs and Culinarians.

But he also learned that he is diabetic.

"I was fortunate to be elected chef of the year and now I find I can't eat most of what I cook," he quipped.

The owner of Oceanside Caterers in Ventura is philosophical, however. "I've enjoyed my food for 30 years. I have to restrict my consumption of sugar. It's mostly just awareness."

In addition to his catering business, Brockwell operates a less posh eatery: the snack bar at San Buenaventura State Beach. The snack bar opened for the season last weekend.


The Japanese love of things American has grown to embrace Sterling Taylor of Oxnard.

Taylor is a professional drag racer. He and his alcohol-fueled funny car returned from a recent trip to Japan ranked top in that country by the Japan Drag Race Assn.

Taylor's car generates several hundred horsepower and emits a mega-decibel roar at the starting line. Decidedly un-Zen. Said one Japanese dignitary, sitting inside the car for a promotional photo: "I felt very alone, yet powerful."

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