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Faux Pas Report

Too Many Bangles, and the Jaunty Jingle-Jangle Becomes Clunky Clutter-Clatter


Those rolls of gold, silver, plastic, bone or wood around a woman's forearms can be a great accent to an outfit, unless, of course, she's wearing too many.

How many bangles transform you into a Halloween Gypsy?

"More than three can get in the way," says Marge of Le Valleys Designer Clothing in Fountain Valley. "If they're simple and not so wide, you can get away with more. The same goes for rings; if they're not gaudy you can wear more of them."

When wearing bangles on your watch arm, try to get them to complement your timepiece. Flashy gold bangles and a conservative black leather-banded watch can send out mixed signals.

Also, take care of your bangles. They have a tendency to bend and scratch fairly easily and the harder the use, the less impressive they'll look.

Shorts story: During the summers of the '70s and '80s, along any beach in Southern California, you'd have a hard time finding a guy who wasn't wearing a pair of corduroy shorts. Lightweight cord shorts were cheap, comfortable and stylish in those days, and today they have the first two qualities . . . they're just not stylish anymore.

"At best, cord shorts should be worn when kicking around the house," says clothing buyer Bill Rigioni of Huntington Beach. "I wouldn't suggest wearing them to a beach party, unless it was like a retro '70s party."

Instead of pulling out the cords, you might want to check out some of the combed cotton or denim shorts now on store shelves. Try to contrast the color of the shorts with an accenting shirt. Matching shorts and shirts will make you look like you're heading for the soccer field.

The bikini controversy: At this time of year, swimsuits are on display, and many women have to make that hard choice. They'd like to get a sexy two-piece, but after a check in the mirror, they think about getting a sensible one-piece.

At the beach, there are thousands of women who don't have the same body as Paulina yet they feel comfortable wearing bikinis.

Which brings up the crucial question: Who, because of their size and shape, should not wear a bikini?

"Actually, anyone can get away with wearing a bikini if they know how to select one," says Yvette Perdue of Yvette's Bikinis and Kinetic Kites in Seal Beach. "With the right color and the right style, it doesn't matter what kind of shape you're in."

If you're concerned about showing off the girth around your waist and thighs, get a suit with a brightly colored top and a darker bottom to draw attention away from the area you don't want people to notice. Also, find a salesperson who can guide you through your color options and will give you what you need most when shopping for bikinis--an honest opinion.

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