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Price Savvy

Parents Want What's Tough Enough to Be Suited for the Wet Set


Go shopping for kid's swimsuits today and you'll see a lot of the "Indonesian look," which consists of bright colors and abstract designs, says Susan Hoffman, owner of Balboa Island Kids Clothing in Balboa Island.

"The trend is bright colors--the louder the better," agrees Susan Sherman, assistant manager of Kids R Us in Santa Ana.

Many parents today let their kids choose their own suits, says Amy Markland, assistant manager of the Little Folk Shop/Kid's Mart in the Buena Park Mall.

What kind of suits do kids pick?

Most, especially girls, want to look older, so they're opting for bathing suits with things like zippers--and staying away from more frilly items like bows, says Kathy Tellez, manager of the Children's Orchard in Yorba Linda.

Parents, on the other hand, look for suits that fit well, are comfortable and of high quality, says Tellez. High-quality swimsuits have good stitching at the seams, leg openings and straps, she says.

High-quality suits stand up to wear and tear, Hoffman adds. "Good bathing suits are made of fairly thick fabric and are lined and double stitched," she says.

Here is a sampling of stores that carry swimsuits just right for the hot days of summer ahead:



In girls' swimsuits, this store carries a Raisins one-piece tank-style suit made of cotton/Lycra. This vertical striped swimwear is orange, purple, green, yellow, turquoise and hot pink. It comes in Sizes 4-14 and is also available in a two-piece version ($30).

A Catalina two-piece suit features a ruffled bra top and bottoms with ruffles at the hips. This has a double crisscross strap in the back and is made of nylon/Lycra. The suit has a bright abstract floral design in lime, orange, violet, fuchsia and red and the straps are fuchsia ($29, Sizes 7-14).

In boys' suits, the store has Gotcha boxer-style trunks with an elastic drawstring waist. These cotton/nylon swim shorts are royal blue and green from the waist to the hip, then solid blue. The top half of the shorts have a Gotcha logo design ($17, Sizes 4-7).

Quiksilver boys' quick-dry shorts are boxer-style and 100% printed nylon. These have an abstract geometric print design of blue, turquoise and orange ($28, Sizes 8-14).

224 Marine Ave., Balboa Island, (714) 723-4490.


These stores carry an Ieye Line girls' navy blue one-piece bathing suit that has white trim around the collar, under the arms and on the straps. This suit has a scoop back and is 80% nylon, 20% spandex ($5, Sizes 12-14).

Another Ieye Line one-piece swimsuit for girls is made of 20% cotton, 20% nylon and 60% spandex. This neon-green suit has two marine blue stripes down each side of the suit and marine blue squiggles on the neon green. There is a blue zipper coming down the front of the suit and a low scoop back ($5, Sizes 6-8).

For boys, this store carries Pacific Heat trunks that fall about one inch above the knee. These have an elastic waist with a tie and one pocket on the back right side. They are black with a purple, blue and aqua abstract geometric print. The 100% cotton shorts have a 100% nylon lining ($4, Size 8).

There is also a boys' Sprocket short swim trunks that are orange, red, yellow and hot pink with drawings of the planets in black. There is a map of the solar system on the back of these shorts. There is a black elastic waistband and a tie; the garment is 100% nylon ($4, Sizes 6-8).

22953 Ridge Route Drive, Lake Forest, (714) 951-0444; 28971 Street of the Golden Lantern, No. A 107, Laguna Niguel, (714) 249-3736; 13771 Newport Ave., Tustin, (714) 832-7373 , and 20519 E. Yorba Linda Blvd., Yorba Linda, (714) 693-2828.


At these stores you'll find a girls' Candlesticks one-piece tank-style nylon swimsuit. This is black with a floral design in orange, pink, purple, blue and green. Around the waist is a hot pink cummerbund ($10, Sizes 7-14).

Also in girls' suits is a St. Tropez two-piece racer-back swimsuit in 85% nylon and 15% Lycra. The suit is black and white stripes with a multicolor floral design in orange, pink, purple, blue and green. There is thick black elastic at the base of the bikini top and at the waist of the bottoms ($10, Sizes 7-14).

In boys' suits, there are 100% nylon Body Glove trunks in blocks of blue, orange and green. The front left side is orange; the front right side blue; the back left side blue and the back right side green. They have an elastic waist with a drawstring, two pockets on each hip and net lining ($12, Sizes 8-14).

Also for boys, there are Ocean Pacific trunks in 100% nylon. These blue shorts have a four-inch thick strip coming down the right back. This strip is blue and green with a swirly design print and Ocean Pacific in red lettering. They have an elastic waist with a drawstring ($12, Sizes 8-20).

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