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High Steppers : It's not enough to master the Walkin' Wuzi. First, you have to know what to wear.


If it's never occurred to you to trade in your wingtips for cowboy boots one night a week, it's occurred to lots of other folks. The craze for cowboy-dance clubbing is in full swing.

And don't expect square dancing. One recent night at In Cahoots in Glendale, they were teaching the Tush-Push, Walkin' Wuzi and the Electric Slide. Other clubs offering lessons include the Cowboy Palace Saloon in Chatsworth, the Culver City Cowboy, the Forge in Glendale, the Longhorn Saloon in Canoga Park and the Silver Bullet in Long Beach.

Before you ponder the Walkin' Wuzi, you might want to think about what to wear. People take fashion mighty seriously on these dance floors. Some couples dress alike. He might wear tight jeans that match her shirt. Or, she might step out in a skirt with a print that matches his shirt.

Then there's the short, three-tiered broomstick skirt, which is so short it looks like it came from the children's department. (Color-coordinated underwear is a popular item because they show during twirls. One night, a woman wore Little Bo Peep bloomer pants with lots of lace. Other Western-themed underwear include pony and bandanna prints and denim.)

The most sophisticated cowgirls wear long broomstick skirts with pretty, ladylike petticoats. Others wear long, floral day dresses with boots.

The most popular tops in the clubs are sleeveless denim shirts worn with bolo ties, or shirts with cut-out keyhole necklines. Crop tops in bold, Santa Fe prints are, well, cropping up as well.

For a whole other way to go, consider the biker cowboy look. For guys, it is all black, with a cowboy hat instead of a helmet. Women wear black spandex bodysuits with cut-out shoulders (very Donna Karan), tight black jeans, short denim jean skirts or hot pants.

Bandannas are the must-have accessory for everyone. Guys hang them from their back pocket; gals tie them on their boots.

If it's too hard to decide what to wear, bring along an extra outfit. Plenty of two-stepping women run to the ladies' room halfway through the night and change into something fresh. Maybe they're just hoping for a change of dance partners.

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