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Directory : Where Lovers of Cowpoke Fashion Can Mosey In for Western Duds

June 04, 1993|JOANNA DENDEL

Western-dance lovers looking for something to wear have plenty of choices in Southern California. Here are just a few worth checking out. They cover all price ranges. Some carry high fashion, some carry classics. And some carry everything in between.


2654 Main St., Santa Monica.

(310) 396-2466

This store is filled with everything a two-stepper could want in boots and belts. And it's all half-price right now ($35 to $1,500), because the store will move a few doors down the block this summer. Silver concho belts and exotic cowboy boots are among the great buys.

Gianni Versace Boutique

437 Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills.

(213) 276-6799

It so happens this Milanese cowboy's summer collection is chock-full of clothes with Western details. Men's and women's hand-stitched leather vests and bell-bottoms, shirts with silver collar tips, and jeans with gold stitching are all part of the look. Think expensive--prices are $300 and up.

George Marciano Guess Ranch

411 Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills.

(310) 247-0227

A tepee dressing room, wagon-wheel decor, and a hall of fame cowboy boot collection, including a pair once owned by Annie Oakley, are enough to make shoppers feel like dude ranchers. Almost everything wearable is made of denim--and all of it is classic cowboy. The upstairs gift shop is not to be missed, if only for the men's tooled leather briefcase, a heavy-cardboard lunch box, and some cowboy-motif wrapping paper. Prices range from $5 to $300.

Howard & Phils

Western Wear

at Fashion Square

14006 Riverside Drive,

Sherman Oaks

(and citywide).

(818) 986-5078

Western-print wearables are a specialty here, at moderate prices. Men's shirts and women's skirts in matching patriotic cowboy prints, Santa Fe print crop tops and keyhole shirts are among the merchandise. There are plenty of bandanas to tie around boots, and of course, cowboy boots and hats in every color.

King's Western Wear

6455 Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys.

(818) 785-2586

This is the original Western wear mecca for Southern California, with a megaselection of gear. Check out the accessories--the turquoise and silver jewelry, and the rhinestone bolo ties. This is not high fashion--they're great items at moderate prices.

Deborah Lynn's Outlaw Boutique

3200 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica.

(310) 452-3446

This boutique inside the Denim and Diamonds dance club features high-fashion clothes for dress-up dance queens, starting with crystal-studded leather chaps by Kathyrn Baumann. There is a good assortment of dance skirts and crinolines. Expect prices of $150 and up.

Rocks at Fashion Square

14006 Riverside Drive, Sherman Oaks.

(818) 907-0955

This is a shop filled with great single items. Men's embroidered shirts, short gingham dresses, lace bodysuits and skirts, stretch jeans and vests are all hot sellers. And prices are moderate.

Slauson Swap Meet

1600 Slauson Ave., Los Angeles.

Bargains galore fill this outdoor shopping center, open every day. Prices seldom top $50 and can go as low as $20 for cowboy boots (men's and women's), denim pioneer dresses, hot pants and bodysuits.

Thieves Market

8471 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles (and citywide).

(213) 380-7775

Fringed leather jackets, boots in exotic hornback lizard and anteater, and denim shirts with a steer- head print are top looks in this mostly-for-men store. Prices are $55 and up.


1354 Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica.

(310) 393-3035

Everything here is made of natural-fiber fabrics. Vintage men's vests, short broomstick skirts, prairie dresses, and a nice selection of white lace skirts, shirts and vests for women are among the finds in this moderately priced shop.

Vaquero West Mercantile

26755 Verdugo St., San Juan Capistrano.

(714) 240-WEST

Located in an historical building next to the train station, this is worth the trip for fans of high-fashion Western wear. The store offers one of the best hat collections in two counties. Blouses and skirts have beautiful bead work. Crushed-velvet broomstick skirts and matching shirts are gorgeous.

Western Treasures

7623 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles.

(213) 934-0100

Vintage collectibles, from spurs and belt buckles to antique chaps and Levi's, are among the oldies here. Best finds: curly lamb chaps and an antique Roy Rogers and Dale Evans lunch box. Prices range from $25 to $2,000.

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