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Poem Doesn't Mean Knight Is a Racist

June 06, 1993

I knew I voted for William J. (Pete) Knight for a reason! Finally, an assemblyman in Sacramento with honest-to-God old-fashioned guts. A man who is not afraid of the truth.

I have just finished reading several articles in which Pete Knight is accused of being a racist over a poem that was sent to him by an anonymous person via the mail. A poem he then passed on to several colleagues during a private Assembly Republican caucus. The poem is most likely racist and meant to be racist. But I sincerely doubt if there is anyone in California who honestly believes Pete Knight to have a racist bone in his body.

Pete said over and over that the poem was just something he had received in the mail and was someone's opinion.

I would like to say that even though the poem is racist, there is some exaggerated truth in it.

Illegal aliens are not just Hispanics from Mexico or Central or South America but from Ireland, England and all the countries of Europe!

The $1 billion a year which is now being spent on social services for illegal aliens in Los Angeles County would balance the county budget. Sheriff and fire services would not have to be cut. Mental health and medical services could be fully funded. A myriad of services would be saved from the budget cuts from Sacramento.

Pete Knight is not a racist, but he is a realist. Los Angeles County and the state and federal governments must find a way to deal humanely with a problem of this magnitude without burying their heads in the sand each time the word racist is shouted.

That poem is racist only in the way it portrays the people involved, singling out only the Hispanic illegal, not all aliens in this country without papers.



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