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Sen. David Roberti

June 11, 1993

In response to "Tax Dollars Used for Roberti's Security," June 3:

How perverse, and yet how perfectly typical, that the most vocal Senate opponent of private gun ownership, state Sen. David Roberti, has secretly arranged for a taxpayer-financed home security system. At least he's consistent in that he doesn't feel that a gun is appropriate for home defense. On the other hand, that's about all the majority of us can afford, but on the other hand, private gun ownership is the main thing Roberti is fighting. But on the other hand, we simple laborers in the vineyard are unable to compel the taxpayers to pay out a total of $12,800 for similar security for ourselves . . . but on the other hand . . . oh, dear, I think I've run out of hands.

What's a poor taxpayer/voter to do? Hmmm.



* In a story with supreme irony, The Times reports that Roberti has had installed, at taxpayers' expense, a security system costing $12,800 at his two houses. Roberti, it must be noted, leads the fight to further restrict citizens' rights to keep and bear arms. While the ordinary citizen who is exposed to threats of violence must make do with what limited police protection is provided and is left to defend himself, politicians such as Roberti are provided with privileged treatment that the rest of us are unable to afford.

I'm sure many people would be in favor of banning guns (as Roberti is) if an expensive security system were installed free for every citizen who is exposed to threats of harm. Until then, the rest of us prefer to retain our constitutional right to own guns to protect ourselves and our families.


Morro Bay

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