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The Great Cover-Up : Quick-Change Artist Prefers to Paint Classics

June 12, 1993|SHARON COHOON

Slipcovers are the latest canvas Seal Beach artist Susan Seaberry has chosen for her paintings.

She paints on simple covers of 100% cotton meant to slip loosely onto folding and cafe-style chairs.

In addition to her Matisse-like flora and fauna are images inspired by Italian Renaissance paintings and a subdued palette.

"Classical images are comforting," she says.

Her favorite images recently have included angels, cupids, and a musician--which she paints in brown tones with gold borders.

Seaberry, who charges about $70 for one of her chair covers, has had her work featured in magazines such as House & Garden. Before moving on to slipcovers, she hand-painted sofas and armchairs.

Copying Caravaggio onto slipcovers, as Seaberry is doing, is a task for the artistically secure, but there are easier projects using slipcovers as a canvas any amateur could tackle.

If drawing is intimidating, try stenciling, suggests Seaberry. Art supply stores carry many designs.

Or find a rubber stamp you like, dip it in fabric paint, and stamp on a pattern.

Or carve a simple design out of a slice of potato.

Or, even simpler, use the end of a wine cork to make polka dots. Any good book on T-shirt design will give you plenty more ideas, says Seaberry. "The main thing is to relax and have fun," she says.

Seaberry. "The main thing is to relax and have fun," she says.

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