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City Contribution to Grad Night '93

June 13, 1993

* The $1,000 donation that the Garden Grove City Council gave to Garden Grove High School for its 1993 Grad Night was both generous and shortsighted.

There are other high schools with a Garden Grove student population (i.e., La Quinta High School) which did not benefit. We even sent the City of Garden Grove a fund-raising letter--and received no response.

(The council) would better serve and represent its constituency if it followed the example of Fountain Valley.

That City Council divides its allocated Grad Night money among all the high schools which have a Fountain Valley population (i.e., La Quinta High School).

All of the high school Grad Nights are working toward the same goal--to keep the graduating seniors safe and sober.

We are all having difficulty fund-raising during this recession.

Please help us, too.


Fountain Valley

Grad Night, 1993

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