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Putting a Stop to Sexual Harassment

June 13, 1993

Young men and boys accused of sexual harassment in our schools is causing much controversy. Is this just a case of "boys will be boys" or is this the beginning of a habit that matures into a sick obsession?

Our little boys are harassing little girls physically and verbally. This is something parents of the victims are concerned about, but on the other hand, some teachers and school administrators think it is something little boys just do, and because they are not considered sexually functional it is harmless.

As long as the white male power model is allowed to parade, manipulate and perpetuate women as sexual objects through the media that they control, we will always have a problem.

These young men weren't born to be sexual harassers. It is a learned psychological response, a conditioned way of thinking that allows the mistreatment of women to be acceptable.

Little boys will think it is OK when they see others doing it. I did. I thought that a woman needed to be slapped around a little just to keep her in line. I as wrong. After getting psychological help, I realized the problem was learned and not normal.

This problem of sexual harassment in our schools should be addressed now. We must teach our children that it is not cool. These precious young men and women are our future.



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