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Fire Station and Del Mar Boulevard

June 13, 1993

Del Mar Boulevard is a busy thoroughfare, but manageable and posted for no parking (from) 7 to 9 a.m. and 4 to 6 p.m.

About four years ago, the city put up notices that it was locating a "temporary" fire station across Del Mar from the entrance of our large condominium. We protested, claiming the traffic on Del Mar was too fast to put a fire station in the middle of the block, with speeding engines entering as they would onto busy traffic, especially during rush hour.

Our complaints of a dangerous setup were met by assurances from the council that a special light would be put up which would be triggered from the station as the engines left the garage. It would be a blinking red light stopping traffic four ways at the corner of Wilson and Del Mar--a very busy intersection.

Since our objections were overruled and the council felt they were "sensitive" to our residential requests by putting in the "expensive" signal, the station was approved.

It took about six months to get the signal operating, and another three or four months until it stopped operating. About six months later, there was a fatal accident involving a fire engine at the corner of Wilson and Del Mar.

Recently, I saw the new street lining for California Street, which was also a four-lane stream of traffic until now. All signs have been removed that say no parking during rush hour. There is a solid white line protecting parking. And a middle lane for turning has been created.

This in effect turns California Street into one lane in each direction from Lake to Allen. With the backup of single-lane cars rushing during rush hour to get home, guess where everyone will go to rush home next time. To the only other throughway to Rosemead Boulevard--Del Mar!

Now, I suggest that the people who get paid for traffic and planning have not been doing their homework.

The "temporary" fire station is well ensconced. We all wonder how many fatal accidents it will take to put some common sense into the people who dream these things up.

And where, pray tell, was the City Council on this one?



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