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A 'Quantum' Solution

June 13, 1993

So Sam never marries Diane, Winnie never marries Kevin and Dr. Sam Beckett never returns home.

I guess the only hope is for Sam to leap into the people above and set right what once went wrong.

Arlene Cashen Gubersky, Trabuco Canyon

GMA's Informative Visit

Top marks to ABC's "Good Morning America" for its recent feature on Australia. As a visitor from Melbourne, it was enjoyable and refreshing to see intelligent discussions on such a variety of Australian subjects. It hopefully gave viewers more of an idea of what life is really like Down Under.

Peter Hunter, Marina del Rey

Support for 'Bambi's' Co-Stars

Just finished watching Tatum O'Neal's performance of Lawrencia Bembenek in "Woman on the Run" (NBC, May 16-17) and was pleasantly surprised. Peggy McCay was wonderful, as always, in her supporting character role. But when are the networks going to wake up and put Alex McArthur in a weekly series? He deserves one instead of a movie-of-the-week once or twice a year.

Karen Reynolds, Claremont

Too Soon for Emily

This is in response to Robert Nugent of Diamond Bar, who said in Talk Back (TV Times, May 23) that "Born Too Soon" (NBC movie, April 25) "shows very clearly the viability of a 25-week-old child." Was he watching the same movie I was? "Born Too Soon" showed just the opposite, that a 25-week-old is not viable, even with all the heroic measures taken to save Emily.

Judi Kaufman, La Mirada

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