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Riordan Wins Mayor's Race

June 13, 1993

* I was born, raised and have lived in Los Angeles for all of my 28 years. I never seriously entertained the idea of leaving this city until a couple of years ago. However, after the election Richard Riordan as mayor I plan to stay in the City of Angels . . . at least for another four years and maybe longer! BARBARA KAYE Los Angeles

* It was with great sadness that I picked up my Times and read "Riordan Wins Mayor's Race" (June 9). I just couldn't accept that Riordan really had a chance of governing our city, so I suppose I didn't take this threat seriously enough. My mistake--and the city of Los Angeles' mistake--as we all will find out very soon. This first-time candidate with no experience bought his office and no one seems to care. He knew the only way to win this prize was to spend as much as he had to and make sure Michael Woo could only spend as little as possible. Why else did the Riordan campaign violently block funds to Woo from the California Democratic Party? This left the door open for Riordan to blanket the city with signs and mailers with no possible response from Woo. I think everyone would agree that Riordan won this race largely on his "tough" stance on crime (and in my opinion pandered to and exploited the fears of Angelenos). What he doesn't realize is that creating a police state out of Los Angeles will only worsen the situation and the "war zone" (as Riordan likes to term L.A.) will become a reality. As a native and great lover of Los Angeles I am actually looking forward to my transfer to New York later this month. BRADEN MICHAELS Brentwood

* After observing this past election, I am convinced that a category titled "None of the Above" should be placed on the ballot. If the majority of voters chose this option, then both candidates would be considered rejected and a new election called with two new candidates. I am tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. MICHAEL T. VETRIE Sylmar

* In a post-election TV news "bite," Supervisor Gloria Molina expressed doubts about Riordan's ability to perform as mayor, saying that it is easier to "run a business" than what they (politicians) do--"run people's lives." It is hoped that Molina will be supportive of our new mayor, and remember that the majority of the voters, and presumably many of her constituents, are tired of having their lives "run" by traditional politicians. FRAN MILLER Los Angeles

* In an age of mudslinging and personal attacks, Los Angeles voters should be congratulated on rising above Nixonian attack politics--particularly evident in the mayor's race. The best man won and we are indeed fortunate that voters saw beyond Woo's highly negative smear campaign and focused on the issues. SANFORD A. LECHTICK Woodland Hills

* The smoke clears and we now have a Republican millionaire mayor in Los Angeles to go along with our Republican governor. Considering Pete Wilson's performance as California's worst governor, it's Dick Riordan's turn. Will the last one out of L.A., and all of California, please turn out the lights? THOMAS E. COLLINS Panorama City

* The election of Riordan demonstrates one thing: You can fool all of the people some of the time. But if you have $6 million to spend, you can buy enough votes every time. Another triumph for "monetary democracy" in Los Angeles. JIM EMERSON Los Angeles

* Just before election day I received a flyer in the mail offering free doughnuts in exchange for my voting ballot stub. When I went to the bakery to pick up my bounty, the doughnuts didn't look anything like the picture in the flyer. Even after buying my vote with a bag of doughnuts, these pathetic candidates couldn't let me have just one chocolate doughnut that I really wanted instead of six sprinkled ones I didn't want. ROBIN UNDERWOOD Venice

* Congratulations on your most statesmanlike editorial (June 4) endorsing Woo's candidacy for mayor. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the winning candidate would show the same high standard of statesmanship by inviting the loser to join his new administration. To succeed, they may need each other, and to become the city we once were, we may need them both. BUD BLITZER Los Angeles

* I would like to thank The Times and President Clinton for their endorsements of Woo. As a Riordan supporter, I feel you did Los Angeles a great favor. OTTO E. BARON Los Angeles

COLLEGE ENROLLMENT * How many people remember when the California State Universities and Community Colleges had a goal of encouraging enrollment rather then discouraging it? J. D. KEITHAHN San Juan Capistrano

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