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Falling for Yosemite

June 13, 1993

The article on Yosemite ("Year of the Waterfall," May 9) was very well done. However, some further information on getting there is warranted. The story did not mention going by train and bus. There are four daily bus-train combination trips between Los Angeles' Union Station and Fresno. The Amtrak bus travels between Los Angeles and Bakersfield and connects with the Amtrak train between Bakersfield and Fresno. The round-trip fare begins at $45. Greyhound buses also make the trip and start at $33, round-trip.



Your waterfalls list overlooked several beautiful places in Yosemite National Park, but outside the Yosemite Valley. Hetch Hetchy, the other Yosemite, though dammed by San Francisco for power generation and water storage, is home to many stunning waterfalls, of which at least three belong on your list:

Wapama Falls cascades 1,600 feet down a 70-degree slope producing a tremendous roar and an enormous amount of spray.

Tueeulala drops 1,200 feet and disappears into a rock-strewn slope.

Rancheria, the cream of Hetch Hetchy, drops more than 1,800 feet. It starts in a 50-foot-wide canyon losing elevation in a series of giant steps. Then, interrupted by a granite dome, it spreads into a 300-foot-wide sheet flow. After the interruption, the falls resume with one climatic step to the reservoir.



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