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Council Gets Plan to Boost Security at Busiest Parks

June 20, 1993

Eight Central Los Angeles parks are among the city's 20 that would receive increased police security this summer as an alternative to a proposal to ban gang members from city recreational facilities.

The central city parks are:

* Green Meadows, 431 89th St.

* Harvard, 6120 Denker Ave.

* Central, 1356 E. 22nd St.

* Queen Anne, 1240 West Blvd.

* Normandale, 6150 Piedmont Ave.

* Alpine, 817 Yale St.

* Toberman, 1725 Toberman St.

* Pecan, 127 S. Pecan St.

The City Council's Public Safety Committee voted 2-1 last week not to adopt the gang-ban proposal and instead accepted the police recommendation to beef up security at some of the busiest parks. Committee Chairman Marvin Braude and Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas voted for the police recommendation; Councilman Ernani Bernardi voted against it.

The full council is to discuss the new plan Tuesday.

Police officials said they think increased security will reduce gang activity at the parks. They had opposed the blanket ban on gang members, saying it was unenforceable.

Under the Summer Safe Parks Program, extra police units will be provided at the parks for scheduled activities.

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