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Altadena : Town Hall Structure OKd

June 20, 1993

The historic Hawkins House will get a permanent berth after a two-year wait and the community will get a Town Hall.

The Regional Planning Commission, which oversees building in county unincorporated areas, voted unanimously last week to grant required permits to the nonprofit Altadena Town Hall Corp. despite the lack of adequate parking.

Commissioners allowed on-street parking and private parking nearby to be counted.

County approval will allow the three-story Hawkins House, propped up on blocks at the site, 2521 Molino Ave., and unused since its move from Lake Avenue, to be lowered to a permanent foundation.

The facility has an occupancy rate of 467. Under county regulations, a minimum of 156 parking spaces are needed, but the site has only 32. Corporation officials persuaded commissioners that street parking and nearby businesses would provide the extra spaces because the facility will be used mainly in the evening.

The converted Victorian-style house, built in 1891 by Los Angeles grocer G.D. Rowan, is known as Hawkins House after the family who owned it for 50 years.

Altadena Town Council meetings and special events sponsored by local civic organizations will be held there.

The permits allow operation of the facility between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. and occasional serving of alcoholic beverages.

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